25 Sep

Today, I wished my dad was here to send me a good luck text. 

Hi guys! I’m pretty new to the blog world so bare with these first posts, but I’m so excited to share my story, my journey! Even though it’s a hard situation and part of myself wished i was writing about something else I feel like this was suppose to happen. Anyways, my dad was my biggest supporter, the proudest person I had in my life. And today, I wished he was here sending me a good luck text this morning.

Today, I got a mini internship during the extended break and I’m beyond excited but all I could think about was how I wished my dad was there to give me a big hug and a congratulations. I was so fortunate that all my friends were being so supportive I still felt a little emptiness not having my dad there to be proud. 

My dad would always send me a good luck text even it was for something so small like failing my permits test for the second time.. lol.. So having something so exciting and kind of big to happen it was hard to be fully excited about. All I could think was how happy, how more excited he would be than me. 

Now it’s 9:34 pm and I think this was his way of telling me to keep going, don’t give up on everything you worked hard for. That his message for me was to be excited for myself. My dad always like to give me life lessons at the end of the night and I enjoyed getting these lessons. I think he is still giving me these life lessons just in a different way which I can’t wait to receive them.  

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