27 Sep

First football season without my dad...

Yesterday was my first day of watching football without my dad. He loved sports more than anyone, but watching sports was like his religion. So today was pretty weird, and hard, and sad. I've been home all week knowing that the season was going to start and I just knew I was going to be more comfortable being at home watching these games even if he was not here. 

My dad went to Auburn and always love to give me shit for going to Alabama (in a joking way). My mom is a HUGE Alabama fan but oh boy you don't mess with her when she's watching. So my dad was always give me the grief of pulling for that "other team in Alabama." I miss that a-lot. But Yesterday, I pulled for Auburn, for my dad. I even said War Eagle (secretly in my head since I was watching it with my mom). I've never been a huge football fan like my parents but maybe I will learn to love it like my dad did. This could be the way we talk to each other on Saturdays. 

Normally, I'd be at school watching the games where my dad would constantly text me about plays that I didn't know anything about or about how the tailgate was going and how he wished he was tailgating. I have all of our texts saved and I went back to read those ones about football and even though there were tears I still had a smile on my face. Hearing his voice through those texts, the excitement that you could hear, it brought back so many good memories. 

So for now on, I will be pulling for Auburn and for Alabama. 

Roll Tide & War Eagle

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