28 Sep

This morning I woke up wishing I could hear my dad laugh one more time.

For some reason I really needed to hear my dad's laugh, I could not remember it and it scared me. I had a panic attack at 7:40 am. I was searching through my snap stories because when I say 90% of my snap memories are of my dad... I literally mean it. I took photos and videos of that man like I was his own paparazzi.  

I miss my dad's laugh because when he laughed, you laughed too. His laugh was so contiguous , it would make you wish you had his laugher. 

Today, started off pretty good but took a turn, a turn I did not expect or like. I had so many emotions from today and it left me wanting to know what would my dad be telling me while I'm balling my eyes out while I can't breathe. He never wanted to see me in pain or to know what pain was. Even though I lived and now still living in pain. Yet, it's two different kind of pains I have been dealing with. 

Today is a short post and my apologizes. But today was a difficult day even though there was laughter it was still a dark cloud over my head day. 

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